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Grave Cleaning 201

November 20, 2009

The deliverable for my project thesis is a booklet of cemetery preservation recommendations for local organizations to use as a reference. One of the sections of the booklet will deal with what to do when holding a community cleaning activity at the cemetery. To this end, I organized a cleaning of my own at the Catholic Cemetery in Natchitoches. The Natchitoches Historic Foundation sponsored the event, paid for the supplies, and provided food afterward. We had about a dozen people show up to clean gravestones with D/2, and we cleaned 40-45 graves in the process. Everyone present appeared to be excited and eager to get to work.

I learned a few things about promoting events and getting things organized for volunteers. We had announcements in the bulletins of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church and St. Anthony Catholic Church. The Natchitoches Times announcement also ran two items mentioning the event. I put an ad up on the Natchitoches Preservation Network. I will be contacting attendees to gain their feedback on the event. This sort of information will be very useful to me in writing up this part of my booklet.

Cleaning Activity Intro

Me going over proper procedures before cleaning begins -- Photo courtesy of Ashley Constance

Spray bottles

Demonstrating proper use of spray bottles (very important) -- Photo courtesy of Ashley Constance


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