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Campti Cemeteries

May 2, 2010

In May 2009 I went out to Campti, LA to take a look at the cemetery behind the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Catholic Church. I soon realized that there are two separate cemeteries, not one. This video slideshow contains a selection of the photos I took.

Some of the graves are quite old and in bad condition, but some show signs of regular care.  Others have some interesting epithets or nicknames, such as “The Grandmaster of Red River Funk” or “Easy Action.”  The Terry Williams grave alone is worth the trip.

I may be completely misreading things, but it appears that one of the graves is that of the “consort” of Frank Rambin.  I’d like to hear the story behind all that. There’s a Frank Rambin, Jr. buried next to his wife, but his date of birth is after the date of death for the consort.

One of the graves has a metal plate clamped to the back in what appears to be an attempt to hold shattered pieces of stone together.  I wonder about this type of conservation treatment, as the metal and stone expand and contract differently.  This may eventually cause further stress or cracks in the stone.

Other than the graves themselves, the thing that really caught my attention was the barbed wire fence separating the two cemeteries.  I can understand something marking the boundary between the two, but I wouldn’t have guessed that you’d need barbed wire.  Is there a zombie problem they’re trying to solve?

More photos from these cemeteries can be seen on my Flickr set here.


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