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Bellwood Cemetery

November 3, 2010

Gate at Bellwood Cemetery

Bellwood Cemetery is located next to the Old Bellwood Church on Bellwood Church Road.  I found it by accident as I was driving back towards Highway 6 on Highway 117.  I glanced over to the left, and there it was.  The entire area is fenced in, with most of the graves covering approximately the front two-thirds of the cemetery.  A few graves are clustered near the back fence.  The graves face east towards Jerusalem, a practice commonly associated with the belief that the bodies of those buried there will rise facing Jesus on the day of resurrection.

Many of the older graves appear to be made of marble or concrete.  The newer graves–those placed within the last twenty years or so–appear to be almost exclusively made of granite.  Granite is an increasingly popular choice for grave markers*.  It is very tough and strong, especially compared to marble.  It can withstand weathering and harsh conditions much better.

Rear of a granite marker engraved by lasers

Some of the graves here are engraved by lasers to show images of rural life such as farmland or local wildlife.  Others graves display quotes from a variety of sources, such as the Bible, a familiar saying or even a specific message from the deceased or their loved ones.

Irish Blessing


I initially missed seeing many of these images and texts because I walked straight through, going front to back and looking only at the front of the markers.  It was only on my trip back to the gate through which I entered that I realized so many graves had something on the reverse side.

I was pleased to hear that the building here was the church a friend attended growing up.  It has been gratifying to hear from people who are familiar with a certain site, and sometimes even those resting in the graves I have photographed.

Main Gate at Bellwood Cemetery

See more photos of this cemetery on my flickr page.


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