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Old Robeline Cemetery

November 5, 2010

Front gate at Old Robeline Cemetery

Listed on Google Maps as “Robeline Cemetery,” the Old Robeline Cemetery is located on Oak Street.  Heading west on Highway 6 from Natchitoches, a left on Laura Street and right on Oak Street soon finds you there.  The site is hardly isolated, as it is close to a business district with a residence next door.  Several cars drove by during the time I was there.

Having said that, there is still a nice view of open fields with forests beyond that can bee seen in the direction of east/northeast.

View Beyond O.R.C.

The other physical feature unrelated to markers was the stone wall outside the cemetery fence’s western border.  This end of the cemetery is several feet above the road.  It is possible that the wall is there to prevent soil from the cemetery from eroding away.

Stone wall outside cemetery, possibly preventing erosion

There is good diversity of materials and styles among the markers.  Some are of a homemade variety with unique adornment…

Marbles on a marker inset in the shape of a house

Closeup of marker with marbles

while others are a bit more “monumental”…
Monuments and vaults

There is evidence of older practices not commonly seen anymore in this area.

Narrow copings such as these in front of headstones were often constructed for the purpose of serving as flower beds

Compared to some other cemeteries, there is not as much decoration at this site.  The one that did stand out to me is the grave seen below.  Statues or images of the Virgin Mary are quite rare outside of Catholic cemeteries, so this one stands out.

Statue of the Virgin Mary

Though the overall site is being maintained in a good way, there are some markers that appear as though they have either been neglected and allowed to become covered with dirt, debris and biological growth, or been treated in a way that unfortunately did more harm than good.

The dark stains on these markers could be the result of improper cleaning

See more photos of this cemetery on my flickr page.


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