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Liberty Cemetery

December 2, 2010

View from the front gate of Liberty Cemetery, facing east

Liberty Cemetery is located on Parish Road 211 in Coushatta, behind Liberty Church.  As is the case with other cemeteries founded around the same time (~1860s) and still in use, there are a variety of markers and materials in use.  There are marble monuments, Woodmen of the World memorials, granite headstones, and the round “stump” markers I first saw at Bethany Cemetery.  Graves face east.  I was glad to see a couple of benches in the middle of the cemetery that allow people to sit and rest.  The site is not completely isolated, but still quiet enough to enjoy in peace.

This is my favorite decoration at Liberty, and one of my favorites overall:


Elvis is in the cemetery


Before the trend of vertical granite headstones gained popularity, there were obelisk-type monuments used as markers.


Vertical obelisk-type marker covered with biological growth

Shorter vertical monument with decorative top

Woodmen of the World Memorial

The front gate lists an earlier year of establishment, but the oldest grave I saw was this one from 1881.


The oldest marked grave I saw at Liberty Cemetery -- 1881

Metal markers have been very rare in the cemeteries I’ve visited lately, though Memory Lawn Cemetery has them almost exclusively.


Metal Marker in Liberty Cemetery

I have seen gravel covering graves.  I have seen urns decorating graves, sometimes with flowers in them.  I have never seen an urn with gravel in it.


Gravel in an urn


A traditional way that families used to–and sometimes still do–tend to graves is by painting them.  In this case either the inscription was painted to make it stand out more, or the entire stone was painted and the paint in the lettering is all that remains.


At least the inscription on this grave appears to have once been painted white

See more photos of this cemetery on my flickr page.


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