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Thomas-Wren Cemetery — Pt. 1

December 3, 2010


Front Gate of Thomas-Wren Cemetery


I don’t think it would be quite accurate to say that Thomas-Wren Cemetery is my favorite of the ones I have visited recently, but it is the only one that made me laugh out loud twice.  There’s also so much stuff that I would like to return and take it all in again one day.

Thomas-Wren Cemetery is located on both sides of Highway 787 in Red River Parish.  The eastern side is larger and mostly full.  The western side is smaller and has more open area.  There is a church set slightly apart from the cemetery’s fence on the eastern side.  A few cars drove by during the time I was there.

I visited the cemetery the week before Halloween.  I’m fairly certain that this decoration was there for the holiday, but how great would it be if it were there year-round?  I was walking the rows of the cemetery, back and forth, back and forth.  I didn’t really have my head up, or I would have noticed it sooner.  So when I saw it for the first time, it caught me completely off guard, and I laughed out loud.


This large spider decoration was on the grave during the week before Halloween


This is on the back side of a grave that had a lot of decorations.  The rabbit is standing in front of a vase filled with flowers, and he’s holding a sign in his hands that also made me laugh.


Rabbit with sign in front of flowers
“Don’t Even Think of Eating These Flowers!”


Every now and then I see something that makes me think, “How can you not like these people?”  Thomas-Wren may have more great nicknames per capita than any other site.






This grave was completely unlike any other in the cemetery in terms of material and shape.


I’m not sure what the situation is with this headstone.  There is an inner part made of one material that contains the inscription, and an outer part that surrounds it.  The crack in the middle of the inner stone leads me to think that it was repaired and the outer part fitted over it to hold it in place.  The outer part shows no crack along the same line as the inner part.  This is just a theory, however.




I noted a flat metal marker in Liberty Cemetery that stood out.  Here is another in Thomas-Wren, and a vertical one at that.  I’m always thrown a little by metal markers, even though they were much more popular at one point than they are now.  I think I rapped on this one just to confirm that it was indeed metal.


Upright metal marker


Since this is only Part 1 of my writing about Thomas-Wren Cemetery, I’ll finish this part with an unfinished marker.  It doesn’t even go so far as saying Born and Died, settling for B and D.


B and D

See more photos of this cemetery on my flickr page.


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