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Fenders Cemetery

December 13, 2010


Fenders Cemetery is located across the street from the Sabine Parish Tourist & Recreation Commission, which is at 1601 Texas Highway in Many, LA.  I went into the Commission building to ask if they could tell me anything about the cemetery, but I didn’t have much luck.

Fenders is hard for me to figure out.  It has stones marking burials at least as far back as the 1870s.  Some of the names appear to reflect first-generation immigrants.  There are several different styles and levels of commemoration.  There are even what appear to be ruins of brick vaults.  If asked to describe it, I’m not sure I could.

On to the photos.

Fenders has something I’d never seen before, which is the trellis-post thingies (technical term).


How can you not love Schatzie?


And then there’s “Charlie Night Hawk.”


I’ve seen “Meet me at the river” and “I’ll see you on the mountain” but I’ve not been told that someone was coming to get me.  (Tell them there’s no hurry)


It has been gratifying to see people of today making the effort to place markers on unmarked graves, though I cannot say for sure that they have not simply replaced an older and more historic marker.


Does it get any more Puritan than Civility?


Or more Biblical than Palistine?  This is one of a group of about four markers made in the same style.


In the middle part of the cemetery are two brick vaults.  One is in relatively complete condition, and the other is completely crumbled.

A large uprooted tree stump is nearby.  This stump gives the answer to the question, “Why is Scotty not that fond of trees in cemeteries?”


That’s why.

Must…refrain…from making…English tea joke…


I really liked this tall monument for a man who died in World War II.


“He gave his life for his country”

Okay, maybe Enoch is more Biblical than Palistine.



See more photos of this cemetery on my flickr page.


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